An economy that works for us all.

• We must address growing income inequality in Vermont. I will work steadfastly for progressive tax reform that ensures corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share while also safeguarding and further developing the public services that are the foundation of equitable, healthy, and strong communities.

• I have a proven track record of fighting to maintain Vermont’s tradition of worker and union power. By promoting this tradition of respect for workers’ rights including safe working conditions, a voice in the workplace, paid sick leave, and a living wage, I stand with Vermont’s working families.

Vermont must lead on climate change.

Climate change is the gravest threat to our communities both today and for generations to come. We must invest in a clean energy future, not a new fossil fuel infrastructure. This means putting a price on pollution and, “keeping it in the ground:” No fracked gas and no pipeline!

• Together, we will hold the Public Service Board accountable to the people of Vermont by establishing decision-making processes that are transparent and represent the interests of the public, not power companies. We must change the appointment process so that it is democratic and inclusive.

Quality education from early childhood to higher education.

We must maintain direct local engagement in school planning and governance, incentivize (not mandate) transformative planning, and protect smaller schools in rural areas that still provide high quality education and other critical services.

• Investing in schools is investing in the heart of our communities. With a progressive tax system that ensures corporations and wealthy are paying their fair share, we can reduce the tax burden related to education for many Vermonters while providing the needed funding for healthy and vibrant school environments.

• College students should not graduate in debt. Since the 1980s, Vermont has continued to dis-invest in higher education. Our state ranks 49th in the nation for state fiscal support for education and training after high school. We can change this by reinvesting in higher educational and other training opportunities that equip young adults with the skills needed to thrive in our economy and avoid entry into the criminal justice system. Together, we can make higher education more affordable in Vermont.

Health care is a right, not a privilege.

• Vermont must have a healthcare system that is financed and administered publicly with strong transparent government regulation that allows for ample public engagement. Big insurance companies are an unnecessary expense, and profit by denying access to necessary care. Healthcare providers in partnership with their patients should determine what care is needed.

• We must stand together to demand strong laws protecting the public from the impact of healthcare and pharmaceutical corporate greed.

• Addiction is a public health crisis that touches all of our communities. Vermonters struggling with addiction are suffering from a disease. We need to expand access to healthcare services instead of expending resources on mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes.

• We cannot create healthy communities without a robust mental health system; we must increase support for mental health services.