U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

I have known and worked with Mari Cordes for many years. As a nurse, labor leader, healthcare reform advocate, and environmental activist she has demonstrated an inspiring commitment to building a better Vermont. She has committed her life to making things better for the working people of Vermont. She is exactly the type of change maker we need in the State House.

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy

As a nurse in Vermont and post-crisis zones overseas including Haiti, an organizer of her fellow health professionals to provide post-Irene disaster relief, and a mother who raised her children on the family organic farm, Mari Cordes has a track record of hard work and serving her patients, her community, and our entire state. To tackle the economic, environmental, and social challenges we face in Vermont, we need hard workers and good listeners in the State House. This January, Mari is exactly what we need in Montpelier.

VT Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman

I wholeheartedly endorse Mari’s candidacy for Addison - 4 House of Representatives. Mari works hard in her community and at the statehouse on issues like universal health care, early education, and workers’ rights. Not only has she testified in many committee sessions - she’s helped draft legislation, engaged us legislators in discussions, and organized in our communities. Mari is very skilled at building coalitions of people committed to creating positive change. It is because of her work that Vermont was the 4th state in the country to have clarifying policy making it illegal for health insurance companies to discriminate against transgender individuals.

Senator Anthony Pollina

I’m very pleased to share my support for Mari Cordes’ candidacy for Vermont House. She’s demonstrated her commitment to building a Vermont for everyone both as a hard working organizer and as someone who has worked on legislation moving through the statehouse, someone who has over the years built relationships with legislators as well as community members. She will represent Addison - 4 well.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Mari is an unstoppable force for a better Vermont. A working union nurse, past union president, environmental activist, and 350-VT treasurer, she has a long record of grassroots progressive change in her state, ranging from securing a paid sick leave law, to guaranteeing health insurance coverage for transgender Vermonters, to opposing a local fracked gas pipeline, and so much more. We are thrilled that she has chosen to continue her public service by seeking to represent Addison-4 in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Bill McKibben

Author, Environmental Activist and Leader

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Sierra Club

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