On the Campaign - Staff Perspectives: Neily

I live and work in Starksboro, VT. I am a co-owner of a small worker cooperative business, AORTA, with 12 worker-owners working in 8 different states & generating about $1 million in revenue per year (well, at least we generated that much before Covid!). I’m writing to share a testimonial about our experience navigating health benefits for our workers as a plea for universal healthcare / medicare for all.


On the Campaign - Staff Perspectives: Samantha

I made an off-hand comment to someone recently that the reason I was working on Mari’s campaign was to hold back the despair. Though perhaps a little cynical, this is mostly true. It is easy for anyone to feel a bit hopeless these days, even as we recognize that living in Vermont is keeping us safe from many of the things that are causing us worry.

Except Vermont isn’t actually as far from the rest of the world as we’d like to think.

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